Marriage and dating communication

25-Oct-2017 14:15

However, you may do more to exhaust and demoralize your spouse than anything else.Think about Why You Need To Win A person with emotional insecurities may overcompensate by trying to look superior to his or her spouse.Problems escalate as both spouses repeat their mistakes again and again.Take a look at the following communication mistakes and learn how they can be resolved.When they stay on top, they feel stronger and more confident.They may have trouble being vulnerable, even with their spouse. This would clash with their belief that they are successful. Does your spouse tire of your victory dance and your need to always have the upper hand?

Unfortunately, your spoken message will be diminished or even misunderstood, because you set up your partner to be defensive and frustrated rather than responsive and understanding.When one person is always the winner, both spouses lose.Maybe a little competition between the two of you at the racquetball court is OK.It’s OK to take your time talking about something that makes you really emotional.

You’ll get through the problem more easily if you can keep your spouse on your side instead of pushing them away.This doesn’t mean you should try to shove your emotions out of the way.